Summer Coaches

Coach Linda

Organizer - Fall Red Group Head Coach


  • Years Running – 20+
  • Years with Austin Fit – 11
  • Number of Marathons – 19
  • Half Marathons – 13
  • Favorite Race – Chicago
  • Goal – Run a full or half marathon in all 50 states

Linda enjoys working as a personal trainer at UT-RecSports and works with anyone willing to put in the effort.  She’s also a Professor at Huston Tillotson University where she enjoys [Read more…]

Coach Janice

Head Coach - Team Fit - Summer & Fall


  • Years Running: 30+
  • Years with Austin Fit: 8
  • Number of Marathons: 23
  • Number of 50K: 3
  • Favorite Race:  Medoc Marathon – France (wine stops and costumes)
  • Years doing Triathlons: 20
  • 140.6 Ironmans:  4 and 70.3 Ironmans: 7
  • MS150 rides: 12
  • Goal:  Live a Good Story

Coach Janice enjoys sharing her training and racing experiences and stories. She also enjoys traveling and believes the best races are those you travel to with a group of friends. In addition to being an Austin FIT fall red group head coach for several years, where she created many of the running routes used by Austin FIT Saturday long run groups, she has also coached triathlon training groups, and provided “tour guide” monologues during many Saturday long runs. Janice coaches Team FIT weekday quality workouts on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from the Zilker Park area. Feel free to ask her about stretching routines, hydration and nutrition options for a wide range of races and conditions, and about her many “destination” races.

Coach Sandy

Head Coach - Yellow and Green Half & Full Marathon Groups


  • Years Running: 15+
  • Years with Austin Fit: 5th year
  • Number of Half Marathons: 13+
  • Favorite Race: Diva Race Half Marathon in VAIL
  • Goal: Complete Texas Tri Series and 6 half marathons in one season

Sandy has been running off and on for over 15 years. One of the reason she loves to coach for Austin Fit is the amazing people she gets to meet year after year. Sandy thrives on the contagious enthusiasm of someone training for there very first 1/2 Marathon and watching them attain that goal. It is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have.

Coach Susanna

Assistant Coach - Green Marathon Group (8:00 to 8:30)

Fast Facts

  • Years running: 10
  • Years with Austin Fit: 1
  • Goal: complete 2 marathons under 3:00
Coach Susanna is happy to be back with Austin Fit for a second season. She enjoys the camaraderie and M&Ms. Her favorite routes include rolling hills, animals, and nice bathroom stops.

Coach John

Assistant Coach - Yellow Marathon Group (9:00 - 9:29)

  • Years Running: 18+
  • Years with Austin Fit: 3
  • Number of Half Marathons: 9
  • Number of Full Marathons: 4
  • Favorite Race:  Galveston Sand Crab run
  • Goal: Continue to complete marathons, half-marathons and other fun runs in other cities around the country.
John began running at an early age, ran competitively in high school and has continued to run for fun as a way to reduce stress, get to know the surrounding areas and stay healthy. John is also a bicycle enthusiast and enjoys biking to and from work.  John likes running with Austin Fit because of the amazing people, the great routes around town, the great support that Austin Fit provides to everyone involved.  John enjoys helping & supporting others to reach their goals is looking forward to another great season with Austin Fit.

Coach Christian

Assistant Coach - Yellow Marathon Group (9:15-9:29)


  • Years Running: 10ish
  • Years with Austin Fit: 6+
  • Number of Half Marathons: Uhm…A Lot
  • Number of Full Marathons: 4 (5 if you include the 1 I did after a 2.4mi swim and 112mi bike ride!)
  • Favorite Race: 3M Half Marathon
  • Goal: To still be running and doing Tri’s when I’m 80+ (I figure I might be able to place in my age group by then!)
  • Next big race: Ironman Arizona – 2018
  • Favorite mantras: Pain is temporary! Pride is FOREVER! / Never Give UP!

I started running around 10 yrs ago as a form of stress relief during a divorce. After a few years, I trained for and ran a half marathon, I had no clue how or what to do, but somehow I survived. Then another friend suggested training for a full marathon with Austin FIT and after the first Saturday long run, I was hooked, I had found my second family! After several years of just running, I decided it was time to push the limit and take on Tri’s with a goal of finishing a full Ironman before turning 50: I beat that goal 2 years early! Coaching for Austin FIT gives me a chance to pay it forward, to pass on what I have learned and to pass on my love and excitement for running, triathlon, and fitness! There is nothing more fulfilling than helping others to train for and accomplish a goal that they once thought was impossible.  Dream big!  If your goals don’t scare you just a little bit, they aren’t big enough!

Coach Brett

Assistant Coach - Yellow Half Marathon Group (9:00 - 9:14)


  • Years Running:  20+
  • Years with Austin Fit:  3
  • # Marathons = 1; # Half Marathons = 9
  • Favorite Race: 3M
  • Goal:  Have fun, keep in shape as I get older, and help others to experience and enjoy running!

Brett has been coaching for three years with Austin Fit and has been running much of his life.  He ran cross country and track in high school and loved the camaraderie and sense of team accomplishment.  Brett’s father, Jon, is his running inspiration and a long time Cross Country coach.Running with his dad, Brett completed his first marathon in Wichita, KS.  Since that time, he has completed several half marathons and has fallen in love with that distance.  2014 is Brett’s first year coaching Austin Fit and he is excited to be part of the team!

Coach Maria

Head Coach - Red Half & Full Marathon Groups

Fast Facts

  • Years Running: 17
  • Years with Austin Fit: 16
  • Number of Marathons: 28 Full marathons, many half marathons, 2 Half Ironman triathlons and 1 MS150 ride
  • Favorite Race:  Medoc Marathon – France (wine stops and costumes)
  • Goal:  Stay active and live healthy

Maria joined Austin FIT to train for her first full marathon in 2001. She’s been a member since and enjoys coaching and hopes to inspire new and veteran runners to reach their running goals.

Coach Greg

Head Coach - Full and Half Marathon Groups (10:00-10:29)

  • Years Running –
  • Years with Austin Fit –
  • Number of Marathons –
  • Half Marathons –
  • Favorite Race –
  • Goal –
Greg owns Guthrie Lumber and Distribution Centers, Inc. off of East 7th St. He has lived in Austin all of his life and enjoys it very much. Greg started running with Austin Fit 7 years ago and became a USA Fit certified coach and this will be his 5th year coaching. Greg is currently training for his 13th Marathon in Chicago Oct.11th and New Orleans Feb. 28th. as his 14th.

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Coach Stephen

Assistant Coach - Red Marathon Group (10:00-10:29)


  • Years Running – 5
  • Years with Austin Fit – 4
  • Number of Marathons – 2
  • Half Marathons – 1
  • Favorite Race – Any that I finish
  • Goal – To keep fit and have Fun!

Stephen swam competitively and played water polo in college, but never did any running.  His job at UT requires him to travel extensively which eventually led to weight gain and becoming out of shape.  In 2011, he entered a fitness competition to get fit again and lost 52 pounds.  On the advice of his trainer, Stephen ran the 3M half marathon in 2012 and discovered that he enjoyed running.  He joined Austin Fit in 2012 to train for a marathon (a long-term goal) and after a few years, he found the group so “motivating and fun” that Stephen decided to participate as an Assistant Coach to help other people realize their fitness goals.

Coach Betsy

Assistant Coach - Red Half Marathon Group (10:00 - 10:29)


  • # of Years Running: 15 years
  • # of Years with Austin Fit: 10 years
  • # of Full or Half Marathons: 15 half marathons, 1 marathon, & 2 Half-Ironmans
  • Favorite race: 3M Half
  • Goal: complete my 3rd half Ironman with my twin brother in August, Georgia this fall

Betsy was a runner and race-walker in middle and high school, but didn’t run at all during college and the years after. She returned to running when she moved from Boston to Austin and wanted to get in better shape before her wedding. To keep up her motivation after the wedding, she signed up with Austin FIT to train for her first half-marathon. She has run with Austin FIT ever since, minus taking about a year off twice to have her two sons. She took up triathlons two years ago and has since completed two half-Ironman races with her twin brother. This year she is an assistant coach for the half marathon and is so excited to lead a group, see old running friends, and make many new ones.

Coach Laura S.

Assistant Coach - Red Half Marathon Group (10:30 - 10:59)

  • Years Running: 15+
  • Years with Austin Fit: 3+
  • Number of Half Marathons: 5+
  • Number of Full Marathons: 2
  • Favorite Race: Decker Half Marathon 2011
  • Goal: Continue running marathons without injuries, but right now I want to complete a destination marathon – perhaps the Louisiana Marathon in January or the marathon in Jamaica in December
Laura has run in many different places, for different situations, and for different purposes. She began running for fun in fifth grade, for track in 12th grade, for class in college, and weight loss for a couple of years after college. (It didn’t work.) Since then, she has run for health and for fun, especially with Austin FIT. Now, she runs to enjoy life, meet more people with the same passions, and talk a lot. Ironically, all of the things she ran for in years past have finally come true: run for your own enjoyment, and you will end up not only meeting your goals, but enjoying the process.

Coach Dave

Head Coach - Orange Marathon (12:00-13:00)


  • Years Running: 7
  • Years with Austin Fit: 6
  • # of Full or Half Marathons:  2 marathon and 15 half marathons
  • Favorite Race: To date is the San Antonio Rock N Roll Marathon.  Before losing 100lbs and starting this program I never thought I would feel like an athlete again.
  • Goal is to complete the San Antonio again at age 60

Dave came late to running at age 52.  After his Doctor brought to his attention that he thought he wouldn’t live very long, Dave began to address diet and lifestyle changes resulting in a weight loss of 110lbs.  Dave began running with the assistance of Coach Jen from Austin Fit.  He began training for the Cap 10K and after that joined the 1/2 marathon program.  Dave began coaching a short time later.  The Austin Fit program has made a difference in my life and I so appreciate that running is for fun and attitude embodied by this program.

Coach Christine

Assistant Coach - Orange Marathon Group (11:00 - 11:29)


  • Years Running: 20+
  • Years with Austin Fit: 9
  • Years Coaching: 9
  • Number of Marathons: 15
  • Number of Half marathons: 30+
  • Favorite Race: Zooma Half Marathon – Bastrop
  • Goal (s): Break 4:30 for a Full Marathon and run healthy for many, many years

Christine is retired from the US Army and was “forced” to run for PT – she never really enjoyed it.  When she started running to lose weight she really caught the bug and ran her first full marathon in Phoenix, AZ in 2001. She loves coaching and inspiring others to get up off the couch and accomplish something they may never have thought they could.

Coach Jim

Assistant Coach - Orange Full Marathon Group (11:30 - 11:59)


  • Years Running – 20
  • Years with Austin Fit – 7
  • Number of Marathons – 89
  • Half Marathons – more than 150
  • Favorite Race – Big Sur International Marathon
  • Goal – 100 Marathons

Jim is a Galloway method runner.  During the heat and humidity he does a 1 minute run and a 1 minute walk.  With cooler weather he shifts to an 80 second run and 40 second walk.

He completed the Joplin Marathon in May in 5:15:58 doing 15 seconds walking and 15 seconds running.

Coach Jeff

Assistant Coach - Orange Marathon Group (11:30-11:59)

Fast Facts

  • Years running – 34 (first marathon in 2000)
  • Number of Marathons – 32 (9 in Austin, and 23 others between San Diego (Rock N Roll), Nashville (Country Music), Phoenix (Ariz. Rock N Roll), Dallas (White Rock), San Antonio (Rock N Roll), Duluth MN (Grandma’s), Orlando FL (Disney), Houston (USA Fit), Houston (Chevron), Las Vegas, New Orleans (Rock N Roll), Little Rock, Tulsa (Williams Route 66), Anchorage Alaska (Mayor’s Midnight Sun), New York (TCS), Washington DC (Marine Corps) and Joplin MO (Joplin Memorial Marathon).
  • Number of Ultra Marathons – 1  (Sunmart 50K Ultra Marathon)
  • Number of Half Marathons – 16
  • Favorite Races – (1) Disney Marathon, (2) Sunmart 50K Ultra Marathon, (3) TCS New York City Marathon, and (4) Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon (Anchorage, AK)
  • Favorite Distance – 50K (31 miles)
  • Goals – (1) to run a marathon in each of the 50 states, and (2) to break under the 4½  hour mark

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Coach Patti running the Cap10K

Coach Patti

Assistant Coach - Orange Marathon Group (12:00-13:00)


  • # of years running: 7
  • # of years with USA FIT: 7 (Austin 1 year, Round Rock 6 years)
  • Number of Marathons: 6
  • Number of Half Marathons: 20
  • Triathlons: 3
  • Favorite races: BCS my first marathon, Austin Distance Challenge, Ragnar Austin 2016 relays (both road and trail)
  • Goal: To complete a Half Marathon in all 50 states

In addition to being an assistant coach, Patti is the New Member Coordinator and a CAP10K coach for Austin FIT, a member of the Texas Beef Team, Half Fanatics and Marathon Maniacs. Patti is a certified Pilates instructor and personal trainer at Anytime Fitness on Gattis School Road in Round Rock. She also enjoys taking care of fur babies in her pet sitting business. Patti began running at age 45 completing the 2010 Austin Half Marathon. As a personal trainer, her objective is to encourage and motivate people to lead a healthy lifestyle, coaching is another way to achieve that vision. Patti joined AustinFIT Summer 2016 and felt an immediate bond with fellow runners and coaches.

Quote: “Running needs variety.” Training the streets of Austin is like a field trip every Saturday, therefore variety is the key.

Coach Diana finishes the Austin Marathon

Coach Diana

Assistant Coach - Orange Half Marathon Group (11:00-11:29)

Fast Facts

  • Years Running: 6
  • Years with Austin Fit: 1
  • Number of Full Marathons: 3
  • Number of Half Marathons: 15+
  • Favorite Race: 3M Half Marathon
  • Goal: To run as a sustainable practice of self-care
Coach Diana took up running in Summer 2011 after she ate a freakishly large bean and cheese breakfast taco while vacationing with her family on South Padre Island. During the road trip back to Austin, she promised herself that she’d treat her body better. Diana began running for only 30 seconds at a stretch, the most she could muster as a newbie. She stuck with it and found herself six months later at the starting line of her first half-marathon at age 42. Today, running is a beloved part of Diana’s day-to-day routine.

Coach Rachel

Assistant Coach - Orange Half Marathon Group (11:00-11:29)

  • Years Running: 10
  • Years with Austin Fit: 3
  • Number of Half Marathons: 14
  • Number of Full Marathons: 5
  • Favorite Race: Marine Corp Marathon
  • Goal: run a 2:20 half
Rachel has been running for 10 years. Although she has “retired” from full marathons after running five, she is ready to get competitive with her half marathon time.  She also teaches 7th grade and coaches girls athletics, so running has become her sanity break.

Coach Brian

Assistant Coach - Orange Half Marathon Group (11:30 - 11:59)


  • Years Running:  9
  • Years with Austin Fit: 9 total, 8 coaching
  • Number of Half Marathons:  21
  • Favorite Race: Shiner Half, Air Force Half, 3M Half, Austin 10/20
  • Goal:  Finish all races I start, be an effective coach, have fun with my group, and help my group achieve their goals injury free.
  • Run/Walk Interval : 4 min/1 min

Brian began running again after at least a forty year running layoff in 2009, training with Austin Fit for the Cap 10K.
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Coach Debbie (aka DJ)

Assistant Coach - Orange Half Marathon Group (11:30-11:59)


  • # of Years Running: 2
  • # of Years with Austin Fit: 2
  • # of Full or Half Marathons: 8 Half Marathons
  • Favorite Race: Rock ’n’ Roll Half Marathon San Antonio.  Far enough away to feel like a destination race, but close enough to home to not spend a lot of energy on travel (so you have it in reserve for the race).  This run is along a nice course with lots of, historical sites, good energy and a great post-race concert.
  • Goal is to win the lottery so I can complete a half marathon in every state!

Debbie decided a couple of years ago it was finally time to get off the couch, lose some extra weight and get healthy.  Since she also always had finishing a half marathon on her bucket list, running seemed like the way to go!  A lucky Google search lead her to Austin Fit and a great group of people! Now she is looking forward to being an assistant coach with Austin Fit and making more new friends.

Coach Patrick

Assistant Coach - Orange Half Marathon Group (12:00-13:00)


  • Years Running: 8
  • Years with Austin Fit: 8
  • Number of Marathons: 4
  • Number of Half Marathons: 17
  • Favorite Race: Marine Corps Marathon
  • Run/Walk Interval: 3/1

Patrick began running in 2009 with the goal of running the Cap 10K. After completing the Cap 10K he continued to run some more 5K’s and 10K’s before deciding to train for the 3M Half. Patrick joined the Austin Fit Fall group and Austin Fit helped him train for and complete the 3M and Livestrong races. [Read more…]

Coach Trish

Assistant Coach - Orange Half Marathon Group (12:00-13:00)


  • Years Running : 14
  • Years with Austin Fit: 9
  • Number of Half Marathons: 24
  • Favorite Race: Austin Half Marathon, IBM Uptown Classic 10K
  • Goal: To be stronger than she thought she could be

Trish ran her first mile at age 25. It took two months to run a mile without stopping! She started half marathon training because she wanted to challenge herself. She continues to run half marathons because of the positive impact on her health and it’s still a challenge. She coaches because she likes to help others reach their goals.