Fall Saturday Routes – 1/30/2016

WK24F-10 MI
The entire Town Lake Loop Starting with the boardwalk. Various water stations and Restrooms available on the Trail.

• -Rt. on Austin Fit Blvd.
• -Rt. on Riverside
• -Rt. on pfluger Ped. Bridge
– Take Swirly Twirly down to the trail
• -Take trail towards Mopac
• -Water shortly after Mopac ped bridge ( ~3 mi.)
• -Head up Veterans to Lake Austin Blvd.
• -Lft. on Lake Austin Blvd.
• -Rt. on Enfield
• -Rt. on Exposition
• -Lft. on Lake Austin Blvd.
• -Rt. on Veterans
• -water at same spot as earlier( ~6 mi.)
• -Continue on veterans around Austin high and take L.A.B. to Cesar Chavez (Lance Armstrong Bikeway)
• -Take Cesar Chavez to Congress (make sure and get on the S. side on Cesar ASAP)
• -Rt. on congress to Statesmen Parking lot. (cut through this lot to get home)