Fall Training – Starts August 23rd! Read more…

Fall Training 


We have an orientation at Luke’s Locker on Saturday August 16 from 10-2 pm where we will be available to answer questions, help with registration, meet with coaches, and also have a raffle & snacks/refreshments available for you. The orientation is ongoing throughout the 10 am to 2 pm time so you can come when it’s convenient for you. The official fall training season is 6 months in length and meets each Saturday morning. 


  • Start Date: Saturday August 23rd at 7 AM. During that morning we will introduce you to the coaches, give you your welcome packet, do a placement run of 2 miles (half marathoners) or 3 miles (full marathoners). You may walk/run or run the placement run. If you are interested in joining our walking program, we can give you information on that as well.
  • Meeting Time:
    • 7:00 AM (8/23 through 9/20)
    • 6:30 AM (9/27 through the end of the season) for long runs at 150 E. Riverside (TxDOT parking lot).
  • Goal for YOU: We want to give you all the necessary tools and information to reach your race healthy and prepared.
  • Weekday Training: There are additional training options during the week around Austin as well. We have training schedules for a variety of winter races. We have a Team Fit training group that meets on Tuesday & Thursday mornings downtown for experienced runners of all paces looking to get faster and receive more individual coaching during the week. We also have several coaches that voluntarily coach during the week as well.

COST: (full season)

  • New Member: $125
  • Returning Member: $95
  • Summer Transfer: $45
  • Additional Team Fit Cost: $50
  • Special Deals:
    • NEW this year  Refer a friend – Returning Member – Refer one NEW MEMBER and receive a 50% discount on your membership fee; refer two or more NEW FRIENDS and get your membership fee FREE. When your new friend(s) register, just have them enter YOUR name in the field: “If you were referred by an Austin Fit member, please give us that member’s name.” At the close of registration, if your name is listed one or more times, your membership fee will be refunded accordingly.
    • Returning Member who brings two NEW members is FREE! Make sure they reference your name when they register. You will still need to complete a paper registration form & will have to write the two NEW members on the top of your paper registration form. This will be done in-person only on Saturday mornings.