Make every second of your summer count with Austin Fit!

Make every second of your summer count with Austin Fit!

Join Austin Fit this summer, as we become better athletes, better runners, and better people.  Beginners, intermediate, advanced – everyone has a place in our marathon and half marathon-training program.  If you bring the ambition and the positive attitude, we will supply the camaraderie, the incredible memories, and the life-long friendships.

Join Austin FIT June 11th, 6:30am, at 150 East Riverside Drive, one block east of Congress Avenue to become a part of our dynamic group of marathoners.

The Austin FIT marathon and half marathon experience includes:

  • A supportive training environment where our focus is not only healthy lifestyles, but also lifelong bonds.
  • Knowledgeable coaches.
  • Pace groups for different fitness levels – there is a group and a training program for EVERYONE.
  • Weekly schedules, track workouts, and hill running.
  • Useful seminars and weekly newsletters.
  • Store and race discounts, fun activities, and more!

And if you’re looking for the next challenge, join Team Fit this summer! 

Dynamic, high-energy tempo runs, track workouts, and core/strength training, topped off with yoga inspired stretching.  If you want a workout to help you tackle a hectic workday, Team Fit is the endorphin filled pick me up you need.  Accomplish your running goals, get in the best shape of your life, and feel amazing with our next-level training program.

For additional membership information or REGISTER TODAY online.  We can’t wait to have a memorable training season with you!