Preparing For A Long Run

By Coach Maria Mondragon

Hope you’re all getting psyched up for Saturday. Treat it as a dress rehearsal. You may want to wear whatever you plan to run with on Race day granting the weather. Take whatever nutrition you plan to use on race day. While appreciate the food put out at the water stops, remember it will not be there on race day. Start a check list for gear needed look at it each day.

You should also be backing off on training this week. You can still do a short distance on Thursday but complete rest on Friday. Sleep well Thursday because you may be tossing and turning Friday night. The few days of rest will allow muscle enzymes responsible for restocking glycogen to store more carbohydrates, needed to build up your energy reserves for a long run.

Drink lots of water the rest of the week. Have plenty of veggies, fruits, whole grains and high fiber. Back off on fats and have fewer proteins.

Examples: potatoes, pastas, baked potatoes, brown rice, sandwiches, bagels with peanut butter, quinoa, whole grains, oatmeal

Your last big meal should be two nights before, that’s tomorrow!

It will give your body time to digest anything you eat so you won’t feel bloated on the morning of the run. You don’t want to feel stuffed on Saturday morning.

On Friday Start eat small meals every 2-3 hours, but after lunch, cut out red meat, fried foods, dairy products, and fats.

You should only be consuming light, digestible foods like energy bars, bread, and small sandwiches.

Keep drinking water and electrolyte beverages.

Examples: energy bars, bread, cereal, and small sandwiches.

Saturday morning, by now you should know how long it takes you to digest your food. Get up early enough to eat a light breakfast with time for you to digest it before we start. Drink water and electrolytes in small amounts.

Good luck to all of you see you Saturday. Please share with others.