Run For Fun

Beyond the shallow depth of sheer looks, I soon realized that running with both strangers and friends alike had an amazing side effect…. Fun! Every group of runners have that one guy who would do better as a standup comedian. Every group has that one guy who has figured out the ins and outs of business success. Every group has that one girl who knows the secret to a happy life. Every run has its own dimension and degree of fun. If you don’t have a deep and profound reason to run, there you go! At Austin Fit we run for fun! Now is the perfect time to start your exercise regimen – run or walk with Austin Fit training program for the Cap10K race. Below, I’ve highlighted a few tips for getting started with your “Run for Fun” regimen:

First, consult with your doctor so that you may receive the green light to go forward with running, walking, cycling, weight lifting, or whatever exercise regimen you decide. This is especially important if you have health concerns.

Second, begin at a gradual progression. In my case, at the beginning of a training season, I’ve learned that running too fast too soon, causes injuries. For beginners, exercising too hard or trying to do too much too quickly can lead to burnout, frustration, and even injuries.

Third, try various exercise routines. I find running a few days a week coupled with other cardio activities like cycling or the elliptical keeps me motivated and distracts from monotony. Light weight lifting so that I am working different muscles is an ideal addition to my exercise program. Meeting back up with my running group for an exciting FUN run at a conversational pace seals the deal for my weekly exercise activities.

Fourth, start an activity log of all your exercise activities. This can be fun and it also keeps you on track with your progress. However, it this part proves no FUN, skip this step for now.

Fifth, RUN for FUN! Smile… Refer to happy thoughts.

Sixth, thank God for getting it done through Him. Some days, I just don’t have the motivation to stay steady and consistent. With prayer and trust in God Almighty leading me, through Him, exercise is checked off my lists.

Linda Brown
Director, Austin Fit Running Program