Staying Hydrated by Austin FIT Coach Dan

Staying Hydrated
By Coach Dan


In coach comment #4 we discussed the importance of staying hydrated during your long-runs and races.  We also mentioned that, to accomplish this, you must begin your run properly hydrated and must drink enough fluid to replace what you are losing through sweat and respiration.  In order to replace your fluid losses, you must know how much you are losing.

Next Saturday, Red Group half marathon trainees will complete a long-run of 5 miles, full marathoners will run 7 miles.  Your distances are becoming longer, ensuring that you stay properly hydrated is becoming increasingly important.

If you are interested, after your long run, your coaches can to help you estimate your hydration requirements.

The process is very simple:

Throughout Friday, be sure to completely hydrate.  Consume an amount of fluid ounces equal to ½  the number of your lbs. of body weight

Body weight (lbs.) = Required ounces of fluid on rest day 2

Show up at TXDOT with a full water bottle and report in to your Pace Coach no later than 6:45
15 to 20 minutes before you begin your run, you can weigh in (with your full water bottle)
You complete your run
We record your finish time
You weigh in again (with your not-so-full or completely-empty water bottle)

The difference between your first and second weigh-in (in ounces) will be a good estimate of how dehydrated you are after your long-run.

To promptly rehydrate, we recommend that you then drink an amount of water equal to 150% of the weight lost between your first and second weigh-in. For instance, if you lose 1 lb. or 16 ounces, you would want to rehydrate by drinking 24 ounces.

Prompt rehydration will speed your recovery from your long-run and will help improve your performance when you train on Monday.

We will email each of you the results of your hydration test.  You can use it to determine how much fluid to drink on your next long run.

If you would like to take part in the hydration test, please reply to this email.  Include your name and the distance that you will run next Saturday.