Summer and Fall Saturday Routes (11/14/2015)

Summer and Fall Saturday Routes (11/14/2015)

WK13-8MI (Summer half and Fall full, use the below add-on miles to get your full Saturday mileage)

  • Rt Austin Fit Blvd.
  • Riverside
  • Water at Riverside/Grove ~3 MI
  • Grove
  • Follow grove to end ( Roy G. Guerrero Park)
  • Continue through the park on trail to get to the tunnel beside Longhorn Dam. Make left after going through tunnel and take trail back to TxDOT. Various waters along the way.

WK23- 21MI

  • Lft on Austin Fit Blvd.
  • Rt onto Trail head ( head towards boardwalk)
  • Stay on trail until you hit Tinnin Ford. Rt on Tinnon Ford
  • Lft Riverside
  • Water on Grove/Riverside ~3 MI
  • Lft Grove
  • Follow Grove to end ( Roy G Park)
  • COnt through park on trail to tunnel
  • Go through tunnel and make a left but then immediately turn around to go over Longhorn Dam
  • Water at waterfountains directly after bridge ends~6MI
  • Cont on Pleasant Valley
  • Lft on MLK Water on MLK Pleasant Valley~ 8 MI
  • Rt Red River ; Water at Red River/Dean Keaton 10MI
  • Lft Airport; Water at Red River /Airport 12MI
  • Lft E 51st St
  • Lft Lamar
  • Water at Lamar /38th ~14MI
  • Go into pease park for water( Fountains near cement picnic tables) ~16 MI
  • Water at Lukes ~18 MI
  • Take Pluger bridge to cont on Lamar
  • Lft Evergreen
  • Lft on Mary
  • Lft on 5th
  • Water at Butler Park ~20 MI
  • Head East on B springs
  • Rt on Riverside to TxDOT

Add On Routes

Add on 1 mi

  • Go out to riverside. Make rt onto riverside
  • Go until you hit the round about on riverside then turn back around to TxDOT

Add on 2 mi

  • Left on Austin Fit Blvd towards trail head
  • Left onto trail
  • When you reach Riverside, turn back and go back to TxDOT

Add on 3 mi

  • – Make Lft. onto trail
  • Go under Congress and 1st. St. bridge
  • After going under 1st st. bridge, make a lft. to take stairs to 1st. St ped bridge
  • Head N on bridge and go E on the trail once you make it to other side of the bridge
  • Take trail to 35 ped bridge.
  • Rt. on 35 Ped bridge
  • Rt on Riverside to TxDOT

Add on 4 mi

-Lft. Riverside

-Lft. Austin Fit Blvd.

  • Lft. on Trail
  • go to West side of 1st street to take stairs to 1st st. Ped Bridge
  • go lft onto paved trail to get to town lake trail.
  • Make lft (head east) on town lake trail
  • Go to furthest east side of 35 to cross over river to get to opposite side of trail(boardwalk)
  • Take board walk back to TxDOT.
  • Continue on Austin Fit Blvd.
  • Rt. onto Riverside to TxDOT