Welcome Fall Runners 2014!

Welcome to Austin Fit’s Fall Training Program!  We are excited to help you achieve your goals in this 26 week journey!! Austin Fit’s 3 goals for you this season are:

  1. Safety – whether that is completing your Saturday workouts in a safe environment, or making it through the season injury free…safety is our number one priority. We will have injury prevention seminars, foam-rolling clinics, yoga options, foot drills & stretching every Saturday by our coaches, etc. all to keep you healthy throughout the season.
  2. Fun – We want to make training and running FUN for you. Between the new friends you will make, your amazing coaches, and our social events, Austin Fit is a FUN group to train with! We strive to help YOU reach your goals whether they are finishing your first half or full marathon, setting a new personal record – PR, running a scenic or fun race, or even qualifying for Boston.
  3. Building Relationships – We hope along the way you make lifelong friends either with other members or with your coaches. We are a family!! However, you will also build a close relationship with yourself. This sport is unique in that way. In fact, you can even find shirts that say, “Running is cheaper than therapy”. Enjoy this journey with yourself and with us. Welcome to the Austin Fit family!!!

Full Training Schedule: The website is having a few issues so until they are fixed here is the full training schedule in an excel spreadsheet. Please download and use during the season. Click Here!

Saturday Schedule: Saturday, August 30th we meet for the second week of the fall training season at 7 AM.  (It is recommended to arrive 10-15 minutes early from now on. We try and leave at 7 AM sharp!)

  • 6:30 AM Questions/Late Registration
  • 6:50 AM Announcements
  • 6:52 AM Meet with your pace groups and go over the routes
  • 7:00 AM Groups will roll out in waves

If you have not already checked in, or if you NEED to register, you will check-in at the registration table before heading out for your run.  Please arrive at 6:30 if you have not registered.  (cash/check only) or  Register NOW online – CLICK HERE.

On September 27, our meeting time will move to 6:30 AM (as our mileage increases and we join up with the summer group) with our groups aiming to leave by 6:35 AM. We still encourage you to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to this start time. We will stay at that start time for the remainder of the season.

Participant Questionnaire: Please complete this form and turn in to your HEAD COLOR COACH on Saturday. We will start taking attendance this Saturday. Both of these help us get to know you and do a better job coaching you. Click Here. 

Program Information: This form was handed out to all participants that checked-in on Saturday. Please READ. Click Here if you lost yours or need another.

Placement Run Results: (Thank you Coach Janice for creating the information below): CLICK HERE for results & suggested color group. 

Don’t be alarmed if you thought you belong in a different Color Group. You are more than welcome to move around to any of the groups. Each pace group assistant coach is there to lead a certain “average pace.”

On any given Saturday long run you may or may not feel up to your “normal” average pace. You might still be out of shape, you might struggle in heat and humidity, you might have a nagging injury, you might have traveled all week and missed your weekday runs, you might have been sick or didn’t sleep well, etc. We want you to run with a group and meet new running buddies. Run where you feel comfortable – just try to keep that pace easy and conversational (excluding the effort exerted on some of those HILLS).

If you take walk breaks: Suggestions

  • Don’t do a walk break on a downhill.
  • Don’t do a walk break if you just got stuck at a traffic stop
  • Don’t do a walk break if the water stop is just ahead.
  • Don’t do a walk break the last mile if you feel like finishing fast and strong.”

Each Saturday each pace group assistant coach will have a sign in sheet for you to sign in. We want to take attendance so we can help you stay accountable, so each pace group assistant coach can send you an email and learn more about you and your running goals, and so you also get to know your pace group assistant coach and look to them for guidance and support. We are here for you and we have a lot to show you. Come one, come all.

Saturday Routes: August 30th

Full Marathon Mileage:

  • Austin Marathon: 4 Miles
  • Houston Marathon: 6 or 7 Miles (add on 2-3 miles)
  • Experienced runners – Choose an add on below of 1-5 miles for more mileage.

 Half Marathon Mileage:

  • All color groups – 2 Miles
  • Experienced runners – 4 Miles (2 Miles with group + 2 Mile add on)


2 Miles: http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/514334342


  • East out of TxDOT
  • Left on street to trail
  • Left (west) on trail
  • Turn around when the trail hits Riverside and head back to TxDOT

 4 Miles:http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/135124005


  • East out of TxDOT
  • Left on street to trail
  • Left (west) on trail
  • After crossing the wooden bridge, take the trail LEFT towards the Barton Springs Rd. bridge
  • At the Y (trail or sidewalk) take the sidewalk to the right and go UNDER the Barton Springs Bridge
  • After going under the bridge cross the railroad tracks and follow the cinder trail that runs next to the tracks all the way to Barton Springs Pool (Gatorade cooler & water fountain and restrooms)
  • Turn around and head back to TxDOT

Add-on Routes: Boardwalk/East

1 Mile – out/back: http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/452342658


  • East out TxDOT
  • Left – Road
  • Right – Boardwalk towards I-35
  • Turn around (before the dog park) at the 3rd overlook) and head back to TxDOT

2 Miles – out/back: http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/452340136


  • East out TxDOT
  • Left – Road
  • Right – Boardwalk to I-35
  • Go under I-35 & turn around by the Action Business School or whenever you have gone 1 mile
  • Head back the same way you went out

3 Miles – loop: http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/452332348


  • East out TxDOT
  • Left – Road
  • Right – Boardwalk to I-35
  • Under I-35 and take the sidewalk over the River to the north side of the river
  • Take the trail west back towards Congress
  • Take the stairs up to Congress
  • Left – Congress
  • Left – Trail (follow east) back to TxDOT

5 Miles – loop: http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/452344874


  • East out TxDOT
  • Left – Road
  • Right – Boardwalk east past I-35 all the way to the trail (by Pleasant Valley)
  • Cross – Longhorn Dam

o   Water fountains along the trail

  • Left (west) – Trail back to I-35
  • Do not go under I-35 – instead go up the ramp, take the sidewalk by the access road and cross the river
  • Get back on the Boardwalk heading west to TxDOT